Phone Fucks In Australia

What is Aussie Phone Fuck?

If you’re an Australian or an American who’s a fan of Aussie humor, you might be confused when you hear the term “Aussie Phone Fuck”. The word fuck is a colloquial term for making fun of something or someone. It’s often used in ribbing.

Australians don’t take life too seriously. They abbreviate and nickname everything they encounter. This makes it harder for an overly earnest American to tell that an Australian is sarcastic. For example, the word c*nt in Australia means mate zone. And the word bogan is a common term for a redneck.

Australians also use a lot of diminutives. These are words that are short but just as long as the original word. There are several examples, including c*nt, f*ck, mozzie, and kitty. Most of these are abbreviations of the English word c*nt, a word for exchanging pleasantries with a close friend or family member. You’ll notice that almost all Australian names end with “ie”.

When you’re a foreigner, it’s important to know that there’s more than one way to talk to an Aussie. The country’s slang is crude, messy, and confusing. But if you’re new to the language, you’ll find it’s easier to understand if you stick with standard English.

As you might have guessed, there’s a great deal of phone sex | and disability represented in the SBS show. It’s a light-hearted comedy, but it’s a show that’s honest and realistic about sex and disability. So if you’re interested in learning more about Australian culture, you’ll find that this show is a great introduction.